Discovery of Scientific Laws and Theories

  1. Atomic Theory-John Dalton
  2. Dynamic Theory of Heat-Kelvin Quantum Theory-Max von Planck
  3. First Formal Statement of Geometrical Principles-Euclid
  4. General and Special Theories of Relativity-Albert Einstein
  5. Law of Attraction and Revision of Electrical Charges-C.A. Coulomb
  6. Law of Conservation of Energy- Joule
  7. Law of Diffusion-Fink
  8. Law of Electrical Resistance or Ohm’s Law-G S. Ohm
  9. Law of Falling Bodies-Galileo Law of Multiple Proportion- Dalton
  10. Law of Natural Selection- Darwin
  11. Law of Practical Calculation of Alternating Current-Steidmetz
  12. Law of Specific Gravity- Archimedes
  13. Law of Universal Gravitation-Newton
  14. Laws of Electrolysis-Michael Faraday
  15. Laws of Motion-Newton
  16. Laws of Refraction of Light- Snell
  17. Molecular Hypothesis- Avogadro
  18. Motion-Laws of Planetary- Kepler
  19. Radioactivity-A. Becquerel
  20. Theory of Displacement of Water or Laws of floatation-Archimedes
  21. Uranium-Fission Theory-Hahn

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