Indian engineers look for solutions in J&K floods aftermath

        In the aftermath of last year’s floods in Uttarakhand and the floods in Kashmir this year the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have identified engineering strategies for hill regions in the country as one of the key themes at a joint “Engineers’ Conclave- 2014” kicking off here on Thursday.
A man stands near the ruins of his house after the Jammu and Kashmir floods devastation in Srinagar.

“Technologies for the Hill Regions” has been identified as one of the main themes for the engineers’ conclave and will look at communication and other engineering strategies for hill regions to mitigate the effects of natural disasters and for solutions to reduce the scale of disasters.

“As a fall out of the Uttarakhand flood tragedy last year and the floods in Kashmir this year we are focusing on technologies for hill regions. We produce the largest number of engineers every year but we are always looking for solutions outside the country. We need to think ahead and find solutions to prevent or reduce the impact and losses,” former ISRO scientist and INAE official P S Goel said.

From prior experience in disaster zones it is evident that the communication system is one of the first to be affected and new engineering solutions are needed to overcome this problem, he said.

Apart from driving engineering solutions for hill regions the three day engineers conclave at the Indian Institute of Science will “provide a platform to address some of the major engineering challenges relevant to society as well as the country,’’ INAE president Dr Baldev Raj said.

Apart from the technologies for the hill regions the conclave will also look at “Emerging Space Applications” as its second key theme.

Technical sessions at the conclave will feature talks on energy and infrastructure, weather and climate, natural resources monitoring, early warning systems, communication and navigation.

The technologies for hill region theme will involve talks on mountain weather, communications for hazardous conditions in the hill regions, earthquake and avalanche Hazards in Himalayan regions and its mitigation; snow Cover, water management and energy in the hill regions.

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